Need help with addiction or alcoholism? Call or Text : (614) 915-7263

Need help with addiction or alcoholism?
Call or Text : (614) 915-7263


You know my Mom, but you may not know my story …

Do you know someone who is battling addiction? 

Too many of us do. It’s an epidemic impacting millions of Americans, their families, friends, neighbors and business associates.

I know because I am a 26-year old recovering addict. My mother, Karen Sigal of Sigal Model & Talent Agency lived the nightmare of watching her son destroy – and almost lose – his life despite all her efforts, tears and despair.

In 2013, I attended the funeral of 9 of my friends!

Had I not entered rehab when I did, my mother would have been attending mine!

I was richly blessed. With the love and support of my family and the caring professionals at The Woods at Parkside Treatment Center I have been drug-free for the past four years.

However, not all recovering addicts are that fortunate. They face enormous challenges day after day: peer pressure, neighborhood triggers and temptations, poor job skills, lack of self-esteem … it’s a recipe for failure seen again and again.

After rehab, only one out of ten addicts remain clean!

I’m not surprised. The failing treatment options across our nation are antiquated, poorly managed and surprisingly accessible to drug dealers, corruption and crime. No wonder so many fall through the cracks!

That’s why my mother and I founded the Loud Life Foundation. Our 501 C-3 non-profit organization focuses exclusively on creating prototype After Care Centers as viable replacement alternatives to failing treatment options.

We invite you to join and support us in this ambitious and urgently needed endeavor.

The Loud Life Foundation After Care Centers will provide addicts leaving rehab with orientation programs, support groups, affordable housing, career option counseling, job training, drug avoidance skill sets and other vital resources designed to help with the rehab to re-integration transition.

We call the first phase of our program ADDICTION SPEAKS LOUD. As the voice of the Loud Life Foundation I’m prepared to crisscross our country addressing these issues and generating support for our new approach to keeping recovered addicts committed to recovery. To do that I want to speak at schools, organizations, associations, corporations, churches as well as on TV and radio news programs, newspaper and magazine print interviews, internet and social media networks – wherever I can share my story and message of hope.

That’s why I’m asking for your financial support today. By donating to the Loud Life Foundation you’re investing not only in my future and the future of thousands of recovering addicts. You’re also investing in the future of America by ending the relentless cycle of addiction, recovery and re-entry into rehab again and again!

I’ve committed my life to the creation and implementation of Loud Life Foundation After Care Centers nation-wide. I’m asking for your support to turn this ambitious goal into a credible, highly respected and incredibly successful reality that will heal wounds and transform lives!

THE LOUD LIFE FOUNDATION ADDICTION SPEAKS LOUD CAMPAIGN is launching in September. Our financial goal for Phase 1 is $100,000.

Donor individuals and corporations will be recognized with gratitude on the website, the Sigal Model Agency website, our press releases, marketing material and social media mentions. Without you my dream lies dormant. With you it can take wing and give recovering addicts hope for a brighter future.

Please send your tax-deductible donation to:
Loud Life Foundation
81 Mill Street – Suite 300
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my request!

David Sigal
Executive Director
Loud Life Foundation

P.S.: ADDICTION SPEAKS LOUD will give a voice to the real needs, fears and challenges of recovering addicts. Feeling heard, acknowledged and supported following rehab will strengthen their determination to stay clean and lead a productive life. Recovering addicts desperately need the expertise and resources of the Loud Life Foundation After Care Centers. Please help me take this first step on my journey to transform addiction recovery forever!