Need help with addiction or alcoholism? Call or Text : (614) 915-7263

Need help with addiction or alcoholism?
Call or Text : (614) 915-7263

David Sigal speaks to Westerville North High School students about LOUD LIFE.   His message is to inspire & empower people and to celebrate a life of sobriety.  Watch here on YouTube!

Comments from the students at Westerville North – Leadership with compassion speaking engagement.

“Interactive.  Got you involved.”

“Relating to us very strongly.  He went to North and struggled with stuff we struggle with.”

“He was younger so he really understood what high school was like and he gave really good life lessons.”

“Communicating with students and motivating us.”

“How he could get everyone engaged.”

“They were loved and enthusiastic.”

“Expressing emotions.  Connecting with students.  Showing first-hand how leadership can be seen in the real world.”

“Not crying.”

“Connecting with us to steer us in the right direction.”

“Relate-able.  Real/honest.  Understanding.”

“Very empowering and encouraging.”

“Speaking clearly.”

“He was so positive and encouraged everyone.”

“Speaking his self.”

“Overcoming his drug addiction and getting rid of all the negative people in his life.  Also creating a clothing line.”

“He was always very positive and uplifting while showing us the dark side of his life also.”

“Everything he did and what he did in his life time.”

“His story was very motivational and his speech also was strong with his wording.”

“That he wasn’t a leader but when he started to lead he became successful.”

“He loves the school and has an inspiring story behind him.”