Need help with addiction or alcoholism? Call or Text : (614) 915-7263

Need help with addiction or alcoholism?
Call or Text : (614) 915-7263

Loud Life Foundation

is a non-profit organization created to inspire and empower those affected by addiction.


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Loud Life Takes on Capital Hill

David was honored to be invited for the third time to support "Voices for non-opioid choices" on Capital Hill. His work is ongoing, in addition to speaking at schools and businesses on drug addiction awareness and prevention, he's fighting for bills to be passed....

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Loud Life takes on DC at Capital Hill

David was invited to DC in June 2018 on behalf of Senator Rob Portmans office. He was invited to fly out to Washington for an interview with a group on Capital Hill called “Voices for Opioid-Free Choices”.  He was there to share his story and to do his part in...

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Success Story David Sigal

David Sigal battled addiction for over a decade, but now he is saying, “This is it, drugs!” David is now a part of the Opiate Task Force fighting to end the epidemic in Ohio. In December, 2014, David started Loud Life Foundation to inspire and empower those affected...

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We are happy to report that we were just featured in Shoezandmore magazine last week!   Click here for the article.  Shoezandmore magazine is a part of the LLC company. Their  mission is to hold readers accountable for excellence in healthy living and...

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LOUD LIFE is raising funds to spread the word that addiction is preventable and treatable. They want everyone to know there’s LIFE AFTER ADDICTION and life-supporting options for those who are being ravaged by addiction’s fury. To continue on course, LOUD LIFE needs...

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Addiction Speaks Loud Campaign

Do you know someone who is battling addiction? Too many of us do. It’s an epidemic impacting millions of Americans, their families, friends, neighbors and business associates. I know because I am a 26-year old recovering addict.

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